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Vilniaus paukstynas was the first in Lithuania to purchase a biomethane powered tractor

Vilniaus paukstynas is the first company in Lithuania that purchased a truck powered by biomethane gas. The company is considering purchasing more such trucks in the future.

"Sustainability is one of the strategic directions of our company, we are looking for sustainable solutions in our activities and implementing them. At the end of last year, Vilniaus paukstynas purchased a tractor powered by biomethane. We are considering the possibility of expanding our fleet with these trucks in the future, which contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions", Tadas Sprindžiūnas, general director of AB Vilniaus paukštynas, shares the plans.

"A truck powered by biomethane immediately reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent, and the emission of solid harmful particles and nitrogen compounds into the environment is also reduced to a minimum, so the development of such vehicles greatly contributes to the reduction of the impact on climate change and the implementation of the goals of the Green Course", - the sales manager of Scania Lietuva, Ramūnas Saveikis, talks about the benefits of renewable natural gas powered trucks. As he notes, the lower noise level of this vehicle is also an important factor, which is no less relevant not only for drivers, but also for society as a whole.

The first truck powered by compressed natural gas was delivered to Lithuania in the fall of 2021. Testing took place for one year, during which domestic companies could use this truck in exchange. Vilniaus paukstynas also had the opportunity to test the new generation "Scania" truck and check the relevant numbers - fuel consumption, mileage, operating costs, engine resources, etc. After practically evaluating these questions, the company purchased this truck.

At the beginning of April, another ten new generation biomethane-powered tractors, which were purchased by other companies operating in the country, were put into operation in Lithuania.



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